The Lost and Found Orchestra

Tim works as a musician in the Lost and Found Orchestra, performing mainly on hosepipe and traffic cone.

After the global success of their unique take on rhythm and physical theatre, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas have taken the STOMP concept to a new level: where STOMP creates rhythm with everyday objects, The Lost and Found Orchestra transforms everyday objects into a plethora of invented instruments. LFO recreates every section of a symphony orchestra, using musical saws, bottles, whirly toys and traffic cones. Out of chaos is formed an orchestra…

Created for the Brighton Festival in 2006 and followed by a run at the Sydney Opera House, Royal Festival Hall London, Le Carre Amsterdam, Adrienne Arsht Center Miami FL, Raleigh Memorial Auditorium Raleigh NC, Royce Hall Los Angeles, Brighton Dome and Le Carre Amsterdam again, Casino de Paris and Koelner Philharmonie (Cologne), back to Paris and Crocus City Hall Moscow in 2016. 2018 in Adelaide South Australia opening the Adelaide Festival with 500 volunteers making a spectaculor show